Go wide, go deep, or go wild

this way, that way

There are so many ways to slash your career, but one way to think about how to pursue multiple careers is how to expand it. Do you go wide, deep, or wild?

What do I mean? Going wide means sticking to one discipline and applying different but related skills for different industries or markets. Going deep means sticking to one industry and applying different disciplines and unrelated skills within that industry or market. Going wild means doing different things in different industries. Let me give you some personal examples: Continue reading

Starting Your Portfolio Career


There’s no such thing as a safe job anymore, is there? Well, perhaps there is, if you know how to recession-proof your career or nab one of the hottest jobs this year . If you’re like boxing hero Manny Pacquiao, it’s all a matter of excelling in your field and expanding to other sources of income (professional boxer/entrepreneur/promoter/politician/singer/TV host/preacher). There’s another way to stay the course even in rough job markets – build a portfolio career.

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7 Trends Why a Portfolio Career is the Future of Work


We know slashers are everywhere and in fact have been around for centuries. But admittedly, prior to the 20th century, these multi-faceted personalities are few and far between. But that’s no longer true. In fact, a portfolio career could very well be the future of work. Not convinced? These trends will at the very least make you pause and consider. But I personally believe that while not every single individual will be a slasher, it will certainly be something more mainstream.

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Famous Slashers


Multiple careers may be the work of the future but it’s really nothing new. People have been doing this for ages. For instance, Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, teacher, theologian, writer, and scientist. King David was a shepherd, warrior, musician, poet, and king of Israel. Julius Caesar was a Roman general, political leader, emperor, orator, and author.

Probably one of the best examples is Leonardo da Vinci, who was a painter, sculptor, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, architect, anatomist, botanist, writer, and musician – a true Renaissance Man. Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. Albert Camus was an Algerian-French existentialist philosopher, novelist, journalist, playwright, essayist, member of the French resistance, and international soccer goalkeeper for Algeria.

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10 Reasons You Want a Portfolio Career


For most of my working years, I have been a slasher. Even while working full-time, I always at least one part-time job I do outside my regular work. In 2005, I took the leap from being an employee to being a program director/magazine editor/freelance writer. I also launched with a business partner a custom publishing business. And in 2007, I (together with my wife) started our own company (it was my fourth business actually, but that’s for another story) and I became a conference producer/magazine editor/custom publisher/program director.

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A Portfolio Career is Not Moonlighting (And Other Misconceptions)


If you ask me what I do for a living, I’ll be quick to say that I’m a conference producer, because that’s how I primarily make money. I am, first and foremost, an entrepreneur, a business owner, who happens to have a couple of projects on the side I do for other companies. But if you asked me seven years ago, when I switched from being an employee to being a (sort of) freelancer, my portfolio career looked very different:

program director/magazine editor/freelance writer/

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What’s Life in the Slash Lane Like?


In my life in the slash lane, no two days are alike. At least if you work as an accountant or sales executive, your days are fairly predictable. You may process different transactions and deal with different people but you pretty much know what you will do for the day.

My days, on the other hand, are unstructured and unpredictable. Much as I put order in my schedule, I always end up improvising. If the traditional 9-to-5 job is like an orchestra, life in the slash lane is more like a jazz performance — you just go with the flow.

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Slash What? Explaining What a Portfolio Career Is All About


Ever heard of portfolio careers? What about slash careers? To put in the simplest terms, this is what my portfolio or slash career looks like: conference producer/magazine editor/custom publisher/financial advisor/homeschooling dad.

The idea is not exactly new, but it is a relatively novel concept. In the Philippines, we might call this “raket” but that’s not really accurate. In the United States, the popular term is a “portfolio career.”

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